The making of the Relines store logo

Overview• Process

Client: We sell spare parts for Chinese-made cars. It might seem that we should be operating a tent at a flee market, but we are automating all stages of the process from advertising to logistics. Which is why we are building more of a rapid part delivery service than a store.

We sell parts for cars of Chinese makes, both retail and wholesale, offline and online. We are actively developing our infrastructure, first of all our IT systems, which sets us apart from other players on the market.

The logo will appear on our website, business cards, flyers (for example, with discount codes), packing tape, bags and boxes, store signs, outdoor advertising, vehicles (about the size of Fiat Ducato and Hyundai HD 35), documents (letters, contracts, invoices), receipts, various signs (for example with operating hours).

We will use the logo both on the domestic market and when working with foreign partners which means we need two versions, a Russian (Релайнс) and an English (Relines) one.

We would like to see a modern, solid, harmonious, moderately trendy logo. No avantgardism or niche trends.

Designer: A good spare part is not a prosthesis, it’s an advantage.

relines process 01

Art director: A spare part is not a prosthesis.

Second designer:

relines process 02

Art director: OK. How about some color?

relines process 03

Art director: 1б is OK.

relines process 04

Art director: OK, prepare the announcement.