Residence Tyrshova corporate identity

Overview   Process  

Problem: Develop a corporate identity package.

Residence Tyrshova is a new residential neighborhood in Karlovy Vary, located close to a forest and downtown. Its modern low-rise houses are welcoming people who wish to settle in a European spa city with rich history.

Lines on the sign represent key elements: forest, waters, and home castle

The basic logo is restrained gold. Various occasions may use its brighter, more colorful versions.

Besides Russian, there are logos in Czech, German and English

Release date: July 10 2009


art director
technical designers
type designer
package designer

Residence Tyrshova documents are designed to please the eye.

Bright colors, corporate geometric design, and the shield shape

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Newcomers will appreciate these corporate gifts.

Cheers to the new home with housewarming party drinks of any kind, be it soda, beer, wine or other

Tape measure makes a handy key chain

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