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  • The making of the Rosgosstrakh Museum website

    Overview   Process  

    Studying the available materials.

    Assembling a mood board.

    The first approach.

    Art director: Doesn’t look coherent. And the heading wouldn’t really say “marketing materials,” I hope?

    Like this, then.

    Art director: That’s better.

    Abandoning the tiles.

    Art director: OK, but remove the black background on the About page.

    Presenting to the client.

    Typesetting. Starting with a Lorem Ipsum page.

    We decide to draw a title illustration for each decade. Searching for a style.

    Settling on the idea and drawing the insets.

    Adding historic inserts to the timeline, illustrating specific stages.

    Assembling the website, making corrections, testing and preparing to launch.

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