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Cover design for Britain by Andrew Whittaker

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Task: to design a cover for a book on Britain in the Speak the Culture series.

The British culture is rich, diverse and incredibly complex. They say, to understand Britain one has to drink more than one pint of ale and experience culture shock more than once. Morrissey and Banksy, black pudding and five o’clock tea, Paradise Lost and 1984, John Constable and Alfred Hitchcock, Manchester United and The Daily Telegraph, Angry young men and Caranby Street, cardigans and Mackintoshes—it’s all about Britain and Britons.

whitaker britain papercover
The cover

Speak the Culture is a series of affordable and beautifully illustrated books on culture of different countries. Each book is the shortest way to understanding national culture and an example of an entirely new approach to travel books.

Release date: April 17 2013


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