• Graphic design
  • RSC Energia corporate identity

    Overview   Process  

    Task: To create a corporate identity.

    Energia has launched into space Yury Gagarin, Canine Astronauts Strelka and Belka, artificial satellites orbiting the Sun and the Moon. Products developed by Energia are in use all over the world and, dare we say, space. The corporation has serious prospects for the future, thus needing a modern, quality logo.

    rkk energia logo
    Sputnik—a traditional symbol of the corporation

    The logo exists in several versions, differing in the amount of detail.

    rkk energia logo full
    The title in short

    rkk energia logo twolines
    Full title in Russian and English

    Release date: April 12 2011


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Vladimir Pavlenko
    type designer
    Elena Novoselova
    Yana Moskalyuk
    Sergey Fedorov
    Svetlana Kartashevskaya
    Katerina Andreeva
    Aleksandr Nosikov
    Jenia Filatova
    project manager
    Alyona Kitabova

    Corporate divisions got color-coded.

    rkk energia logo units

    rkk energia blanks
    rkk energia businesscards
    Business cards with variable backsides

    Sergey Korolyov and Yuri Gagarin portraits are part of the corporate identity.

    rkk energia illustrations
    The portraits

    rkk energia rocket
    “Let’s go!”

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