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Task: to design a cable factory website.

Rybinsk cable factory has been producing wires and cables for military and civilian needs since 1949. The website contains information on different types of the factory’s products and makes it easy to get information, place orders and choose the best delivery method.

rkz main suggest
rkz main
The smart search field on the main page suggests the most popular queries

Each cable type page contains a full list of its specifications and a list of sizes available in the selected city. Items can be added to the shopping cart right from that page.

rkz cable
Buying from Rybinsk warehouse

The contents of the shopping cart are arranged by type. The price of each item is calculated separately. The customer chooses the most suitable delivery method and places an order.

rkz basket
rkz basket side
The side panel can be hidden to expand the page, or opened when needed

Release date: June 13 2013


artistic director
art director
interface developer
beta tester
technical writer
project managers

The website is managed using Imprimatur I proprietary technology

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