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to create a logo for a programming club.

Robomuzokod is a club for beginner programmers in Novosibirsk where students learn programming, robotics, music coding and other cool things.

A high-tech logo for the club with a barely noticeable Russian hacker influence was created at the studio.

So, we need a logo about programming, one that school students will enjoy.

Programmers aren’t exactly the rock stars they think themselves to be, but there is one profession that makes students excited and proud for their country. Hackers!

Russian hackers today is a meme worthy of Hollywood, with mere power of thought they can hack Pentagon and leak a new episode of Game of Thrones.

Taking the word Robomuzokod and writing it in binary.

Replacing the spaces in the binary code with color blotches. The name has several variations (we especially like Р6м3кд), they turn into similar yet different logos.

robomuzokod legs cc4

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project manager