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    Task: to make a movie poster for a film festival in Toronto.

    This film by Alexey Uchitel is about four friends—the modern-day Musketeers. All four of them have recently returned from the army and joined the OMON (Police Special Force Unit). They are honest, young and full of hope. But one trip to a night club has completely changed their lives. An ordinary bar fight turns into a run-in with the local mafia bosses. At the same time, one of the friends meets an extraordinarily beautiful girl, who is being courted by the head of the mafia.

    Release date: September 12 2013


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Daniil Melkikh
    Vsevolod Varfolomeev
    Jenia Filatova
    Denis Vidyakin
    Lelya Le
    Yana Moskalyuk
    type designer
    Taisiya Lushenko
    Ekaterina Floyd
    Margarita Mukhmadeeva

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