The making of The Major movie poster

Overview   Process  

Accepting the assignment, watching the movie, piling up some ideas.

major process 01
major process 02
major process 03
major process 04
major process 05
major process 06
major process 07

A promising graphic solution pops up.

major process 08

It might work with double shadow.


major process 09

Customer: Dear Sirs, I want to warn you against what I believe is a wrong direction. The symbolism totally nullifies the raw realism, cruelty, and brutality of what’s taking place in the film. This is fundamentally wrong. The future audience will accuse us of playing pseudo intellectual. The crucial part is the raw emotions of the characters, raised continuously fighting the violent world around them. It’s a story about people with sweat, blood, tangled hair, and wind-chapped faces. Use simple language: death, blood, pain, dirt, snow, cold—anything like this. The story’s very essence is evil and brutal, while you offer an English detective story-style poster. Look the main characters in the eyes, listen to their crude speech, notice the powerful and grim scenery of the snowy Russian nowhere. Be honest to your creative intuition. I’m sending you some posters I prepared and beg you to abandon the thoughts, which lead you to build the first sketch.

Receiving a reference from the customer.

major process 16

Second approach. Searching for fresh metaphors.

major process 10
major process 11
major process 13
major process 14

Art director: The scene at a police station is ok. Let’s just place the woman with her husband and child to the left. Now we have the moral choice presented.

major process 15
major process 17

Art director: We should add facets to the glass and send the customer this version together with the one at the police station to choose from.

The customer chooses the shattered glass concept, but is asking to add more cast photos.

Working on the idea.

major process 18

Taking pictures of glass.

major process 19

A new concept breaking in: shattered glass as letters.

major process 20

Adding photos of the actors.

major process 21
major process 22
major process 23
major process 24
major process 25

Just what we need!

In the meantime, working on the text.

major process 26

Art director: Let’s apply options 8, 6 and 13 to the current version.

Typesetter: The variations with the text under the glass are really nice, let’s work them out?

Art director: 5 and 7 are fine.

major process 27

Testing two ways of setting the text.

major process 28

Approving the second layout.

Not liking how the j breaks up the space. Sending it to the type designer to fix. Shaping up the R.

major process 29

Smoothing out the graphics, resetting the text and inserting the logos.

Drawing the letters for the poster’s Russian version. Perfecting the word’s density and experimenting with the Й’s breve.

major process 30

Looking for a place for the credits.

major process 31

Order a design...