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    to design a logo.

    Romarketing offers marketing consulting services, specializing in positioning and creating value proposition.

    A logo with pleasant word play was designed at the studio.


    The expressive part of the logo is made of the key letters of the company’s name, r and m. Thanks to its slant, the drop of the letter r looks like an apostrophe which makes the combination of consonants “r m” swiftly transform into a meaningful “I’m.”

    The full name of the agency follows the logo to add grammatical clarity to the phrase and reference such marketing notions as personal positioning and branding.

    romarketing docs

    The logo is used both in its full and abbreviated versions.

    romarketing laptop
    romarketing shirt

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Aleksandr Strelkov

    project manager

    • Denis Zhelezny
    • Mirta typeface
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