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to create posters with values of a state corporation.

Rosatom’s enterprises employ three hundred thousand employees of various professions, from nuclear physicists and heads of scientific laboratories to turners and electricians. The work of all these people is regulated by strict instructions, but one can’t write an instruction for everything.

Posters and brochures designed at the studio illustrate values of the nuclear industry and remind about safety, team effectiveness, taking responsibility for the results and other important things.

rosatom safety 1 rosatom safety 2

The posters speak a lively and ironic language.

For example, the edifying instruction “Keep working materials safe” is illustrated with a flying saucer that is abducting a USB drive. Makes total sense, after all, we’re living in dangerous times.

rosatom team 1 rosatom team 2
A separate series of posters is dedicated to good leadership and team relationships

Special attention is paid to technologies and principles of work organization.

rosatom leader 1 rosatom leader 2

Overall, 21 posters and four issues of brochures were created.

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