Tambov National Guard emblem

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to create an emblem for the Tambov branch of the National Guard of Russia.

There are three equally disgusting things in the world: nuclear war, bubonic plague and the design of emblems and insignia of Russia’s security agencies. The humanity seems to have dealt with the war and plague more or less, but the design of Russian police emblems has been mostly ignored.

Out of the blue, we were offered: “How about you develop a beautiful emblem for the Tambov branch of Russia’s National Guard?”

We became terribly excited. A beautiful one?!


Security agency emblems are traditionally similar to coats of arms. Getting inspired by a popular heraldic shield and drawing an emblem of a complex and memorable shape.

The composition elements tell two parallel stories featuring law enforcement agencies and Tambov. The typical police coloring, clubs and a polite motto remind about the security agencies.

As for Tambov, we found an extremely straightforward metaphor: the Tambov wolf! A friend to all, he looks politely yet sternly from the center of the emblem.

The bees come from Tambov’s coat of arms and are considered one of the city’s symbols.

rosgvard sobr

The emblem is embroidered on beautiful patches and will decorate Tambov National Guard uniforms after approval by heraldic experts.

rosgvard helmet
rosgvard final

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