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    • Overview
    Task: to create a website about jewelry production.

    Release date: November 05 2015

    Rossia Jewelry House creates and sells products made of precious metals and stones. A website revealing the subtleties of jewelry production was designed for the company.

    Main page provides information on all products and services of the jewelry house

    At Adamant jewelry factory 150 machines weave chains of varying complexity. Instead of photographs, the section of the website dedicated to manufacturing features looped videos about key models emphasizing the continuity and complexity of the process.

    Each video is accompanied by the real sound of a working machine

    A graphic switch was implemented to showcase basic weaving types.

    Nonna-Bismark weaving

    Anchor weaving

    Bismark-Garibaldi weaving

    Nonna weaving

    Cord weaving

    A traditional video was created for the section on handmade products created at Sirin creative firm. Close-ups focus the attention on the craftsmanship of jewelers.

    Fine work

    artistic director
    art director
    technical designer
    beta tester
    project managers

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