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The Rostik Group Corporation owns 13 trademark restaurants in Russia, CIS member states and Europe—Rostik’s, IL Patio, Planet Sushi, American Bar and Grill, Friday’s are among them.

Information for partners, investors, licensees, suppliers, media representatives and job applicants is available in the sections of the Corporation block.

Website main page

The “What To Do?” block helps visitors find their way through the Rostik restaurant chain. You will learn from it where you can have or order lunch, what’s the best place to take out kids, how the delivery service works, which of the restaurants hold banquets.

Friday’s  restaurant webpage

Each of the restaurants has a mini-site where visitors see the menu, get to know the chef and waiters, calculate the cost of the banquet, invite friends to a restaurant by sending them a postcard designed in a certain restaurant’s style.

Benihana restaurant webpage

The website information changes depending on the season, the time of the day and the visitor’s geographical location. The website menu only contains the restaurants available in the selected city.

The “Stinko” game behind the swinging doors of the American Bar and Grill website. He who gets tanked up the fastest wins

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