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    to change perception of a brand.

    Russian Premier League is the country’s main soccer tournament which has the best teams contesting against each other. A competition to develop a new identity for the League was held in 2018.

    The logo developed at the studio for the competition is based on the archetypal symbol of Russia—a bear with eyes burning with passion.

    The bear is inscribed into the pentagon of the classic soccer ball and rendered in the colors of the Russian flag, red and blue, that blend together and symbolize the competitive spirit that is present in any sport, especially in soccer.

    This is the beginning of great and pleasant work.

    Soccer ball with a sketch version of the logo prepared for one of the stages of the competition

    art director and designer

    • Egor Zhgun

    art director

    • Sergey Kulinkovich

    creative director

    • Aleksandr Shtefanets


    • Evgeny Panov
    • Alexander Maltsev
    • Pavel Zyumkin

    type designer

    • Ksenia Erulevich

    motion designer

    • Alena Sofina


    • Igor Fatkin

    project managers

    • Anna Kravtsova
    • Svetlana Kost
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