• Graphic design
  • The making of the Russian Customs Agency logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Our company RSA (Rostov Customs Agency) is young, we have only recently received our customs broker license. We are specializing in customs clearance of goods for export. We have developed our own technology of creating customs declarations that is two to three times faster than the base time frame and remove errors almost completely. We are planning to distribute this technology under a franchise license in other regions and change the company name to Russian Customs Agency.

    Our name, RSA, currently means Russian Customs Agency, you can give the full name in the logo or not, you can also consider both an abbreviated and a full version.

    Here is some brief information about the company (maybe it will help the designer visualize our identity). The company is young and innovative, it is disrupting existing stereotypes about dealing with customs as a long process prone to conflict and corruption. We made an emphasis on flexibility and attention to the needs and interests of our clients. We have zero negative reviews. We were the first to run a personal account page for our clients. Our main source for finding new clients is the internet. We always take our clients’ side in conflicts with customs, which means it is imperative to avoid traditional customs symbols in the identity: the yellow and green color scheme, colors of the Russian flag, coats of arms, the caduceus, globes and outlines of the map of Russia.

    Colors that we like: blue (all shades), white, gray, black (the colors of our renovated office). Colors we don’t like: green, yellow, red. Design elements that we would like to avoid: animated characters (customs officers, any human figures, cars, railway cars, ships), serif typefaces (personal aversion).

    Starting to work.

    Art director: That’s a no go.

    Art director: Checkpoint for travelers is not exactly the type of customs they deal with. Plus, it looks gloomy. Let’s keep on searching.

    Designer: Whoosh.

    Art director: 42 might have some potential.

    Art director: Let’s go with something like 69 but in the colors of the Russian flag.

    Designer: Well, the client didn’t want the Russian flag: “it is imperative to avoid traditional customs symbols in the style: the yellow and green color scheme, colors of the Russian flag...”

    Designer: From the client’s preferences: “Colors that we like: blue (all shades), white, gray, black (the colors of our renovated office).” A couple more variants.

    Designer: And another batch.

    Art director: Then let’s go with the number 46, but make sure the T is readable.

    Designer: With the T it looks either like a Transformer or a BDSM belt.

    Art director: Yeah, it doesn’t look too nice.

    Designer: Here’s another idea. Letters RTA as the frame of a product scanner.

    Art director: Looks like ГТА. Let’s search for another direction. And let me remind you, you can draw anything in Express Design, no matter how crazy it is.

    Designer: Boxes, help and an octopus.

    Art director: That’s more like it.

    Art director: The first smile from the sketch was better.

    Art director: 116.

    Designer: Cleaned up the details, removed the beard.

    Art director: OK.