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The making of the promo website for .москва and .moscow domains

Overview   Process  

Meeting with the client and discussing Moscow domains, modern Moscow, business as well as various stereotypes about the city, both good and bad. Starting to think. We want to move away from the imperial images, “the city of opportunities” and the Moscow City.

What if it’s a Moscow QWERTY keyboard? We type the letters, check the availability and make a purchase.

dot moscow process 01

Or maybe put the star in the center and make it change?

dot moscow process 02

Coming up with a search bar that travels across Moscow and shows up in museums, squares, parks, clubs and cafés.

dot moscow process 03

Or maybe a city of words? Different words are added to the logo. It’s easy to can see how the entire domain name will look.

dot moscow process 04

Art director: Not cool enough. The one with the letters is more or less OK.

Meanwhile, the client sends over the brand book and corporate identity of Moscow domains.

dot moscow process 05

Playing with the style. Maybe, we’ll have hands assembling a cut-out picture using corporate symbols? Cooperation, business, domains.

dot moscow process 06

Deciding to concentrate on the subject more. What are we selling? Words on the internet.

What if we turn it into a game, write the hottest words in a list and have the users scroll it to see how they would look with .москва and .moscow? And if you like the result, you can purchase the domain right away. Spin the wheel, cybersquatter, win your prize! We can also add the corporate symbols on the second layer.

dot moscow process 07

Art director: Nice.

Assembling a quick prototype and showing both alternatives to the client. The wheel of domains wins.

Adding a button and a stripe in the middle of the screen where the words will line up with TLDs. The color of the stripe will show if the domain is still available.

dot moscow process 08

Deciding to liven up the corporate illustrations and turn them into cartoons. Designers draw the animation.

dot moscow process 09

Starting to typeset and program the scrolling. It is important to ensure the words line up with .москва and .moscow precisely and that the list is an endless loop. Testing the solution on different devices: mice with simple and inertial wheels, powermates, touchpads and keyboards.

dot moscow process 10

Meanwhile, the cartoons are ready. Assembling them in sequences to be able to control animation speed in code.

dot moscow process 11

Thinking through all possible entry errors.

dot moscow process 12

Adding a real list of the most desirable domain names. Time to spin the wheel!

Order a design...