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    Russia! magazine

    Problem: Make a layout and the first issue of a magazine.

    Russia! is the American slick magazine about Russia. The 132-page magazine is published in English once in three months and sells for $3.95.

    First issue

    Created were the logo, the typeface, the cover, the layout, some photos and illustrations; the first issue was entirely composed and prepared for print.

    “Objects” double-page spread

    “Made in Russia” double-page spread

    “Quotes” double-page spread

    Logo and slogan

    Release date: February 13 2007


    artistic director
    Artemy Lebedev
    art director
    Roma Voronezhsky
    second art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Sergey Fedorov
    Andrey Zubrilov
    Evgeny Kazantsev
    Anton Shnayder
    Stanislav Akinfin
    technical designer
    Ignat Shametko
    type designer
    Zakhar Yaschin
    Zhdan Filippov
    Anton Kolotilov
    Anna Ponomareva
    Egor Zhgun
    Ruslan Baranauskas
    Viktor Platonov
    Aleksandr Romanovsky
    Yury Shvetsov
    managing editor
    Anna Aranovskaya
    Masha Zayakina
    Evgenia Mironova

    Presentation (PDF, 600 KB)

    The magazine was printed using the Ekibastuz typeface

    Subscription and sale on the magazine’s website

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