The making of the Photography Allowed sticker for Russian Railways

Overview   Process   Real Life  

Making the sketches of the first ideas, showing to the client.

rzd sticker process 01

The client wants it to look as if Russian Railways is speaking directly to the reader.


rzd sticker process 02

Secret adviser: I’ve consulted, number 3 is the correct one. But we don’t like the way it looks. Russian Railways: "Photography allowed,"—that’s the way it should be.

rzd sticker process 03
rzd sticker process 04

Art director: I vote for the first one.

Designer: I have a feeling that the red sign outbalances the composition. I made it smaller. In number 11, the baselines of the letters of the sign are slightly larger than the baselines of the text, while in number 12 they are equal.

rzd sticker process 05

Art director: Number 12 is OK.

Showing to the client. He wants to see a mock-up of the sticker with the exact distance from the logo that is stated in the brand book. “Visual comparison of the two alternatives will bring this argument to an end.”

rzd sticker process 06

Designer: It is clear that the first option is messed up. I insist on an exception to the rules.

Client: OK!

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