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    Sabidom website

    Overview   Process  

    [This work is in the museum]

    Task: to make an easy-to-navigate website for a construction company.

    Sabidom company builds townhouse communities in suburban Moscow since 2006. The studio designed a website for Sabidom that helps buyers choose a suitable suburban property from the company’s many options.

    sabidom site main photo
    sabidom site main map
    Main page contains information on all the communities and has answers to most commonly asked questions

    Community pages provide complete information on completion dates, infrastructure, location, types of houses, and their prices. Each house can be viewed in interactive 3D. Construction photo updates are published in Construction Progress section.

    sabidom site local
    Complete information about the community

    Release date: July 29 2013


    art directors
    Slava Kuteev
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Anton Tyulenev
    Sergey Kulinkovich
    Aleksandr Smirnov
    technical designers
    Stepan Khabardin
    Pavel Gerasimchuk
    Anton Zhukov
    interface developer
    Yury Eremenko
    technical writer
    Natalya Vlaskina
    Dmitry Ivanov
    Aleksandr Shumov
    Aleksey Khapov
    Danila Kudryavtsev
    Alyona Malashenko
    Sergey Kuznetsov
    beta tester
    Dmitry Muratov
    Aleksandr Nosikov
    project managers
    Anna Rodionova
    Lidia Popova
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