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    Problem. Create a vibrant design.

    Samsung Fun Club is the website for Samsung browser and phone owners to have fun.

    So much fun!

    Fun Club members can download new games, ringtones and images, communicate with each other and take part in all sorts of fun competitions.

    Release date: June 28 2006


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Aleksey Gritsuk
    Egor Zhgun
    Mikhail Paschenko
    Elizaveta Solomeina
    Darya Tokranova
    Niyaz Sayfutdinov
    Aleksandr Malinovsky
    Sergey Purikov
    Sergey Chikuenok
    Sergey Ukhlov
    flash technologist
    Denis Kolyako
    Ilya Grigorev

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