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Visitors of the Samsung Gallery exhibition center have the opportunity to take a look at the latest developments in audio and video equipment, electronic and computer technologies spearheaded by Samsung.

The virtual version of the Gallery is intended for those who can’t visit the real center and see for themselves what dramatic strides technology has been making of late, or for those who are still unaware of this Moscow-based entertainment outlet

Art. Lebedev Studio made photos and wrote descriptions for the Gallery’s thematic exhibitions on the four floors of the center. Using interactive maps, the website visitor can browse the center’s expositions, stopping to take a closer look at the most arresting exhibits with elaborate descriptions. Any person interested in the Samsung Gallery can get an idea of what it’s like.

Apart from the usual how-to-reach-us map, the website features an interactive step-by-step photo navigator in two versions: from the Pushkinskaya and from the Okhotny Ryad metro stations

To see the complete range of displayed cell phones, monitors, printers, flat panel displays, video cameras, players and other gadgets, one will have to drop in at the real Gallery.

Release date: February 24 2005


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