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Samsung MP3 promotion website

[The work is in the museum]

This website is dediated to the MP3 format and Samsung Electronics products with MP3 support.

It’s all about music

The theme is a flying saucer in the endless space. The crew are busy listening to MP3 music. From time to time, when each track plays three times, the ship lands on some planet to allow the crew to search for more music—they get out and set off to exchange files with local music lovers. If you click on one of the music loving space travellers, he’ll grab an instrument and play something for you, then continue walking. Having refilled their music supplies, they turn the volume up and return to the space.

Visitors to the site can learn everything about Samsung MP3 products such as CD/MP3 players and recorders, microsystems, digital voice recorders, home theaters, car audio systems, etc. There is a map showing where these treasure can be found.

Another feature is music voting. Select your favorite artist from the list and, if he/she wins, you’ll find his/her brand new song published on the site.

Release date: March 18 2002


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Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technology

Only legal software was used in this project

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