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“The Best of”, a music program on the Ukrainian TV, shows several music clips by well-known artists every week—from classic to contemporary ones.

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The visitors of Muzodrom website have the opportunity to contribute as much as they can to the program. They translate a fragment of one of the songs coming up next week as if sung by a given hero, and then vote for other people’s translations on the website. The winner gets the prize. The winner of the month gets a bigger prize. Apart from this entertainment, the website features information on the week’s idols and allows the users to schmooze a little about who’s hot and who’s not.

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In the Anchorman section Sashko Polozhinsky steals the show. Users can send a message to the anchorman, ask a question or post a comment. For that, the anchorman may give his regards to them.

Release date: March 27 2005


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