Samsung and the Olympic Torch Relay

[The work is in the museum]

Samsung is one of the organizers of the 80-day Olympic Torch Relay, a worldwide event due this summer. The Olympic flame will arrive in Moscow on July 3. To pick a worthy person to carry the torch through Moscow streets, Samsung and Art. Lebedev Studio held a design contest.

Main page features a victory stand as viewed by the winners

Idea of the contest: any person interested in the event could download one of the three 350×350 graphic templates from February 5 through March 5, 2004 and send it back with a torchbearer added on. The participants’ works were assessed by the jury consisting of Pyotr Bankov, Igor Gurovich, Andrey Logvin and Artemy Lebedev.

The jury selected the best works, and ten winners were invited to the Samsung Gallery where on March 10 they were awarded prizes—mobile phones. The jury members selected the winners in accordance with the rules of the contest and the relay.

On the eve of the prize awarding ceremony all the works were published in the traditional shoulder-to-shoulder format. Samsung representatives chose the torchbearer from the contest winners, who would take part in the Moscow stage of the international Olympic Torch Relay.

Flash map of the Olympic flame travel route. A point on the world map, near the cities on the list and the calendar date are displayed simultaneously

A whole website is dedicated to the summer relay. To create the website, corporate colors and textures specifically developed for Samsung’s sport events were used.

Release date: February 05 2004


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