Design by Art. Lebedev Studio
Produced by Samsung Electronics

Samsung Sweetheart microwave ovens

MW87QR (solo)

GE87QR (grill)

The ovens hit the shelves of all large Russian home appliances stores in May 2005.

We are proud to say that we have developed an industrial design concept for Samsung Electronics Corporation becoming the first Russian design studio to receive an order from a transnational company.

“Favorite recipe”

Sweetheart series includes two models of microwaves: MW87QR (solo) and GE87QR (grill). Their special feature is a heart-shaped red button—just the one you need to push to cook your favorite dish.

A set of pictograms for display

We have succeeded to work in close cooperation with the specialists in South Korea to create design of front panel, display, interface and graphics and bring it into conformity with all the production requirements.

Sweetheart series was added to Samsung’s official 2005 microwave ovens catalog

Apart from running its own design bureau, Samsung Electronics works with well-known design studios Porsche and Pininfarina. Now Art. Lebedev Studio is also on the list.

Release date: April 25 2005


art director and designer
technical supervisor and modeller

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Dmitry Dmitriyev, Anna Kakalia and Anna Aleshina for their inestimable direct contribution to the project

Korean team:

Sukhee Lee
Lee Joo-Yuol
Jeon Sei-Ill
Joseph Kim
Y. W. Kim
Yeon Hee Kook

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