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    Task: to develop a logo for advertising Saratov in other cities.

    Saratov is a large city on the banks of the Volga river. Few people know that Saratov has unusual parks and ancient manors, beautiful churches and interesting museums, that the city is home to musical and cinema festivals, that it is the birthplace of the Russia’s only Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry. A tourist logo for Saratov was created at the studio with the aim to draw attention of travelers and investors to the city.

    saratov logo
    An emotional confession

    “I Enjoy Visiting Saratov” is the first brand in Russia created for advertising a city outside its limits. The aim of the project is to encourage domestic tourism and attract visitors to the city. On the day of presentation of the logo, advertising posters were displayed in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Penza and Volgograd.

    The logo combines symbols of the most important impressions of the city.

    Release date: September 08 2014


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    The studio wishes to thank Dmitry Nazimov for his help with the project
    saratov equation
    There are things to see, discover and love in Saratov

    The logo is used in promotional and informational materials distributed in other cities, as well as in the design of souvenirs and printed materials for visitors coming to Saratov: guide books, calendars, restaurant guides, posters and booklets.

    saratov key
    Key to the heart of Saratov

    Rules for the use of the elements of the visual style are given in a brief guide.

    saratov bb
    Cover of the brand book and opening with information about the city

    saratov bb pattern
    Opening on the pattern

    Billboards with signature collages based on provided templates let residents of other cities know about cultural events and festivities in Saratov.

    saratov billboards
    Busy life of the modern city

    saratov legs

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