Delovaya Sreda educational platform design

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to develop a platform for business.
populated and assembled by the client

Delovaya Sreda platform is designed for both beginner and experienced entrepreneurs. The resource offers educational content (courses, lectures, books and articles) and services for business.

The first version of the platform that can be easily grown and expanded in the future was designed at the studio

The concept

Any business goes through the same stages: the idea, financial planning, opening, hiring employees, attracting clients, etc. Delovaya Sreda website is designed to help entrepreneurs at each of these stages.

Want to start your own business? Here are entrepreneurship courses and here is a service to register a company online. Need employees? It may be worthwhile to listen to a couple of HR lectures or use the services of a recruitment agency.

The website adapts to the needs of the user: it remembers the user’s interests and uses them to create a useful personal feed. It also reminds about upcoming events and tracks completion of educational programs and courses.

Side menu with all subscriptions and recommendations helps navigate the feed

The modular structure of the main page and of the Knowledge, Events and Services sections allows to easily reorganize them by changing the existing blocks and adding new ones.

It also allows the website to adapt to any screen width.

The icons are united by a shared graphic solution: in most cases they are drawn with a single uninterrupted line. The line symbolizes movement to the summit of entrepreneurship and rhymes with the service’s logo.

Universal and flexible templates for different types of content were created for courses, lectures, articles and additional materials.

The page of any course can be used to create a neat and convincing landing page

A number of interesting formats can be easily combined on one page

Related videos are suggested automatically

Beautiful and user-friendly presentations

The Learning mode allows better immersion into a topic.

In the Learning mode the student can access additional lectures and seminars, discuss the material with the curators and see the progress of completing lectures and tests.

The website helps expand the professional network, find experts, employees and business partners. Users can easily send a personal message to any person or company while each personal page looks like a business card with information on the role, skills and contact details.

art director

  • Pavel Gerasimchuk

designer and interface designer

  • Yury Eremenko

interface designer

  • Aleksandr Kravchuk

motion designer

  • Svetlana Yaroshevich


  • Sergey Kostov
  • Nadezhda Rudenko
  • Anna Vashulenko

technical designer

  • Olga Bazilevich

project managers

  • Irina Aron
  • Angelina Zagorskaya
  • The studio wishes to thank Andrei Vanin, Evgeny Domnikov and Vladimir Trufanov for their help with the project
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