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    Task: to create advertising for a socially significant project.

    No Nonsense Country is a website and a mobile app that people can use to report any problem in their city. The organizers will review the submissions, file complaints with state authorities and follow up on the result. An advertising campaign along with layouts for different media were created for the project at the studio.

    On billboards

    A series of posters urges people not to be indifferent and not to tolerate potholes, arrogance of traffic inspectors, rudeness of security guards, illegal parking and other situations that shouldn’t happen and instead take part in their elimination.

    Release date: June 04 2015


    art director
    secret advisor
    copywriter and designer
    project manager
    The studio wishes to thank Dmitry Ternovsky for his trust and help with the project
    On City Format

    sbg cityboard
    On CityBoard
    sbg pillar
    On a poster pillar

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