The making of SBS Megamall Krasnodar New Year decorations

• Process

Getting the task to decorate a shopping center for New Year: the entry zone, the atrium, the galleries, the food court, everything!

Going to Krasnodar and getting lost in the huge space.

First we need to get a feel of the atmosphere.

We want to create a modern yet excitingly dreamy design.

Materializing the mood in 3D models.

The interior is ready. Moving on to objects.

Developing the welcoming installation.

Designing the tea shop.

Thinking about the children’s play area.

We need more pop-up shops.

Coming up with something special for the stairwell. Apart from their decorative purpose, New Year objects provide space for navigation system elements.

Galleries also need decorating. Coming up with an interesting shape for traditional holiday attributes: fir trees, gifts, balls.

What if we run a magic red carpet in the galleries? Then trains with gifts, fir trees and balls will run on it, and their cars will be a nice place to take a break from all the New Year commotion.

Trees, trees, trees!

Concentrating on the design of lamps for the food court.



Going with the first option. Working on the pattern.

Using a model to choose scale.

The art director chooses the version with three stripes.

Moving on to the zone by the New Year tree. We need to create a beautiful space which will double as a play zone for children.

Developing the concept of huge objects.

Solution 1: gift boxes with interactive elements.

Solution 2: giant interior objects.

Solution 3: huge tangerine slices that can be easily moved and used for rest and play.

Developing the tangerine idea.

Looks like a ball. Trying again.

Much better.

Suddenly we get an idea to assemble a composition of gifts under the tree with various activities for kids inside the boxes.

Simultaneously exploring other options for using the tangerine slices.

At the end, deciding to combine the two ideas into one.

Exploring alternative layouts and finding a place for a photo zone.

Coming up with a backup idea for the bucket in case it turns out to be too difficult to produce.

The small bears keep disappearing every night, deciding not to use them.

Choosing how fancy the chairs for the photo zone will be.

Preparing project documentation.

Moving on to the entrance.

First, we need a model of the shopping center.

Second, we need a good idea. Why not take a classic Christmas composition with a Christmas tree in the center and toy soldiers around it?

Or an unusual design with huge wineglasses?

Deciding to go with the glasses.

Creating the wineglasses using LED lights.

Moving on to the graphics for columns. Drawing illustrations. Preparing the soldiers for printing.

Checking the size on 3D models.

Next, working on the graphics for escalator columns. Deciding on the colors.

Searching for the pattern.

Trying it on a 3D model.

Time to implement all the ideas in real life.

Working on the blueprints and documentation.

Starting production, controlling every step.

Final stage: installation!

Order a design...