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    Pictograms for Microsoft Management Console:

    16×16 and 32×32 pixel pictograms were made in the general 256-color palette

    Types of data

    Panel of tools for creating interfaces:

    input line input line with query input line with mode query input range input range with query input range with mode query text area tab button combo box grid date & time functionality title block title extra info mode info  

    Every pictogram matches an interface element

    Panel of tools for creating logic schemes:

    select tool


    The following logic blocks are built using the tools: Splitter, Manager, Task, Post, which can be grouped then (Group)

    Drag-and-dropping functions:

    Move the cursor to the drag-and-drop area

    Cursor form changes

    When the palm is above the icon, the icon lifts

    We push, and the palm grabs the holder. Now it can be dragged and dropped

    Pictograms for interface blocks:

    16×16 pixels, 16-color system palette


     Zoom In

     Zoom Out

     Speaking (program is ready to transmit data)

     Mute (program cannot transmit data)

     Listening (program is ready to receive data)

     Deaf (program cannot receive data)



    11×11 pixels, 16-color system palette

    Release date: March 03 2003


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Roma Voronezhsky
    Mayk Lisyansky

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