Web Reporter Interface Window Toolbar Forms Project

iScala Web Reporter features a contextual toolbar conveniently incorporated in the working area. It has actions buttons for managing the current document. The number of bar controls is limited.

Important notice: The problem with toolbars is not their functionality, but the poor ways they are used. Numerous static toolbars presenting all available functions may well appeal to developers, but are pointless to users—too many icons occupy most of the window and are highly unlikely to be equally useful. Moreover, the majority of toolbars lack dynamic connection with the context.

We took the idea of a contextual toolbar further and created action-to-action indication. It shows what tool or control has been used to call on the current document or functionality. The buttons display bold text and the functions tree highlights the item selected. This indication fosters users’ skills as action-effect relations are better observed which speeds up learning.

Action-to-action indication is meant to make interface easy to understand intuitively even for the most unexperienced users.

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