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    The making of the I Can Smell the Holidays calendar

    Overview   Process  

    An idea comes up to make a scented calendar.

    The first idea is to make something along the lines of the poem “What jobs smell like:”

    calendar zapahov process 01

    Suddenly it comes to our attention that the print shop only has a limited number of “classic” scents: rose, vanilla, strawberries, etc. A smell of glass, for example, or of laziness or fish, is also possible, but will take a couple of weeks to be produced. We can’t wait that long, and if we write “A painter smells of turpentine and paint” and accompany it with a scent of cherries, it’s not going to come out pretty.

    We draw stories for popular Russian and international holidays using the fruit, vegetables and berries from the list of available scents.

    calendar zapahov process 02
    calendar zapahov process 03

    Handwriting names of the months.

    calendar zapahov process 04

    Preparing the cover.

    calendar zapahov process 05

    Laying out the calendar grid and creating separate layers that mark the areas to be filled with scented lacquer to make it easier for the print shop.

    Arranging the scent layers on top of pictures.

    calendar zapahov process 06

    Sending to the press.

    Order a design...