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to create a logo for a school.

Moscow school 1794 is a large-scale educational complex that includes general education schools and kindergartens. The school has classes specializing in the in-depth study of English and German languages, information technology, physics and mathematics, biology and chemistry, social economics, philology as well as cadet classes. A bright modern logo that looks great in serious documents and instills pride in more than three and a half thousand students was created at the studio.

school1794 logo

In the logo, the school’s number made of colorful semitransparent shapes is supplemented by a life-affirming slogan. Rectangles, squares, circles and arches rhyming with elements of the logo combine into a recognizable pattern that can be used in the design of notebooks, pencil cases and various souvenirs.

school1794 pattern

A variety of signature colors and elements provides ample opportunities for design of school supplies for everyday use and special occasions.

school1794 docs

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