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    Scout helicopter interior

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    Task: to design a helicopter cockpit.

    Release date: October 28 2015

    scout hand
    Scout helicopter is designed to comfortably seat three passengers. The interior comes in one of the two options: civilian (with the pilot seat on the left and two passenger seats on the right) and training (with two sets of controls for two pilots). Seats, cyclic stick, dashboard were created at the studio as well as color schemes for interior and exterior of the helicopter.
    Scout’s cyclic stick was created from scratch, its shape echoing the lines of the dashboard. The traditional ergonomics well known to professional helicopter pilots has been preserved, however the number of buttons on the stick was optimized to make it easier to use by amateur pilots.
    scout seat left
    scout seat right
    Comfortable seats based on a solid bucket design are made of a light and durable composite material. Seats are anchored to rails and equipped with four-point safety harnesses. During emergency landings the seat frame breaks off the anchors absorbing shock and reducing stress on pilot’s and passengers’ bodies. Soft fabric and synthetic suede upholstery is durable, fire resistant, can be easily cleaned and repaired.

    The floor is covered with specialized transport linoleum which has high wear and fire resistance, does not slip, can be easily washed and is not affected by aggressive chemicals (technical oils and fuels). It also provides additional sound insulation.

    scout dashboard
    The compact instrument panel does not obstruct view and is resistant to vibration during flight. The protective visor prevents solar glare and improves visibility of indicators.
    scout panel front
    The overhead console and the instrument panel are easily reachable by both pilots.
    artistic director
    Artemy Lebedev
    art director
    Timur Burbaev
    industrial designers
    Aleksey Sharshakov
    Andrey Fabishevsky
    Aleksey Ivashkevich
    Anthony Malls
    Michael Oxley
    Aleksandr Pozdeev
    Aleksandra Sviridova
    Boris Tarasov
    Viktor Lvov
    project managers
    Larisa Melnikova
    Aleksandr Solonko
    Nadezhda Lyubimova

    From Horizont:

    project manager
    Aleksander Shostak
    chief designer
    Vladimir Kireev
    leading aerodynamicist
    Oleg Dzhogan
    leading designers
    Aleksey Barinov
    Andrey Vasilenko
    Evgeny Serikov
    Aleksey Novikov
    Andrey Tokunov
    Roman Dovgodko
    Dmitry Obodets
    Evgeny Izhboldin
    Aleksander Balychev
    Irina Sergeeva
    structural analyst
    Nikolay Zhabko
    chief technologist
    Mikhail Gopanchuk
    leading composite materials technologist
    Kirill Krivenko
    leading machining technologist
    Nikolay Korobchey
    machining technologists
    Evgeny Karachevtsev
    universal experts
    Aleksander Dzih
    Aleksander Mutilin
    Taras Medvedksy
    Pavel Tislenko
    Andrey Navruzov
    Yuri Prisyazhny

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