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    Sektorus watch (concept)

    Overview   Process   Hi Res  

    Task: to realize an idea.

    Sektorus is a quartz watch with the body merging into the band.

    sektorus front
    6 h 50 min 30 sec

    Release date: July 23 2012


    artistic director
    Artemy Lebedev
    art director
    Timur Burbaev
    Vladimir Pavlenko
    industrial designer
    Andrey Fabishevsky
    Aleksandra Sviridova
    Filipp Gorbachev

    Two wedge displays manage your hours separate from minutes and seconds. The current date shows in a small window.

    sektorus side
    The flexible band wraps around your wrist really snug and stays put

    The body is aluminum and the band is made of silicone.

    sektorus sides
    Perfect through and through

    sektorus colors

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