Semya supermarket chain corporate identity

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to develop a corporate identity for a supermarket chain.

Semya is a popular chain of department stores in Perm Krai. A logo and a corporate identity reflecting the company’s values—family care and comfort—were created at the studio.

semya logo

At the core of the logo and the corporate identity is the image of a person. The recognizable figure is created by two arrows in the shape of the number 7 pointing towards each other. The overlaid arrows symbolize the reciprocity and sincerity in communication with customers. The logo is used to create signature patterns. The symbol plays an active role in advertising materials amiably communicating with customers.

semya city
City format advertising

One of the signature features of Semya’s corporate identity are transparent elements. Transparency is associated with cleanliness, fairness and freshness, all of which are important characteristics of a store.

semya cards
Gift and discount cards

The Semya chain includes several dozen stores of various size, from hypermarkets to small shops. A single system of navigation was created for stores of all sizes. Signs of various levels of navigation hierarchy differ in format, color, activity and placement helping customers easily find their way.

Signs marking departments are located on friezes around the interior where they are visible from a distance. The subtle hanging consoles show way to smaller sections. Checkout areas, scales and price check points are highlighted with a bright green color and signature pattern. Discounted items are grouped together and marked with bright semi-transparent consoles.

semya icons
Set of navigation pictograms

Price tags become a part of navigation. The text on them is located according to a strict hierarchy. To help customers find products on the shelf, the name of the brand is enlarged and highlighted. Discounts and promotions are shown with bright colors and clear icons.

semya shelf

semya cart

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art director


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type designer

The studio wishes to thank Nailya Allakhverdieva for her help with the project
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