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  • Making of can design for Shake cocktails

    Overview   Process  

    Bora Bora cocktail

    Early drafts.

    shake 01
    shake 02

    Next series of drafts.

    shake 05

    Working on the selected design.

    shake 06

    Final illustration.

    shake bready

    Daiquiri cocktail

    First versions.

    shake 03
    shake 04

    New series of design drafts.

    shake d2
    shake d3
    shake d4

    Final illustration.

    shake dready

    Abscent Lime cocktail


    shake ab1

    Final illustration.

    shake abready

    Tequila Sombrero cocktail

    Design ideas.

    shake 08


    shake t1
    shake t2

    Final illustration.

    shake tready

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