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    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Build an intranet.

    Shtokman Development AG carries out a development project at the Shtokman natural gas condensate field. The intranet helps their staff coordinate work and enables effective information exchange.

    main screenshot

    Every employee has his or her own personal page that’s easy to find.

    second2 screenshot
    Employee page

    Release date: June 09 2010


    art director
    Oleg Paschenko
    Aleksey Volkov
    Valentin Loschinin
    technologist & part programmer
    Aleksandr Samilyak
    programmer & part technologist
    Aleksey Smychagin
    flash technologist
    Dmitry Bezverkhy
    Katerina Andreeva
    Maria Kiseleva
    Evgenia Krylova
    Built with Google Web Toolkit technology and is in essence a single page

    Every worker occupies a certain position in the interactive company structure chart (in Russian, clickable).

    To be able to access this intranet, you must be working at Shtokman.

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