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    The making of the Rug Shtorkus bath curtain

    Overview   Packaging   Process  

    Taking the idea from the studio’s Brain Storage.

    Carefully working on the details.

    The picture is ready.

    Starting to work on the packaging. Coming up with a layout: the curtain, a bath, a happy girl and a tag cloud.

    Asking the visualizer to create a model of a bath on lion paw feet, finding examples for inspiration.

    The bath and the curtain are ready.

    Asking the photographer to take some shots of happy girls in the shower.

    Choosing the best photo and trying on the packaging.

    Showing the photos to the art director.

    The art director asks to draw the model instead.

    The illustrator draws the girl while the designer works on ducks for the barcode.

    Putting everything together and sending to production.

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