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    Problem: Design interface for a car navigation device.

    User-friendly navigation system doesn’t make you study its manual for hours. Functional navigation system doesn’t draw your attention away from the road. Considerate navigation system keeps handy info and settings easy for you to access. Interactive navigation system indicates traffic flow and your friends’ locations, and allows storing useful driving notes and places to stop for hot French pastries. Shturmann navigation system offers all these advantages.

    In the car

    The main menu includes two major groups of functions: Navigation (find location, driving route, settings) and Accessories (mix with friends, music, photos, etc.). The menu page always keeps you notified of your current destination status.

    01 main_menu_with_info
    Page curl reveals the map hidden behind the main menu


    Map is the basic element of the navigation system. It shows your current location and driving direction, route legend, next turn info and how far it is, time and distance to destination, and speed limits (optional).

    03 map
    Daylight elevated map view

    The system provides voice instructions for every turn. When driving at a high speed, you receive directions early enough to prepare to make a maneuver.

    When the vehicle is approaching a turn, the system clearly indicates its progress. For those who wish to have exact figures, there is an option allowing to see distance and time to the next turn. When driving through a complex interchange, you can temporarily open a window with information on the next turn. With the difficult part already passed (or after a certain amount of time), the system returns to the map mode.

    03 map night
    Nighttime flat map view

    The top menu features a clock (none of the navigation devices available at the moment display current time). The analog clock indicator shows both current time and time to destination—during the last hour, the orange bar shrinks as you approach the end of the route. Below the clock, there are estimated time and distance to destination.


    Shturmann stores your car trip data: distance, time and speed, and the number of stops.

    10 route_info
    Trip info summarized


    You can scale and study the map in detail using the specially designed grid tool. In this mode, the grid in proportion to the screen is laid over the map, and enables you to zoom in on the selected area.

    zoom grid
    Select one or several squares
    zoom all
    Convenient option: complete route view

    Objects on the map

    The system shows various objects and interesting places on the map. These include gas stations, home food restaurants and best cafes, hotels and stores, car services and so on. Many such places are already marked on the map that comes with the device. Nevertheless, you can add more items to this list as you travel.

    poi list
    You can see reviews added by your friends and offered by Shturmann

    Interesting places are marked with different color petals. They are large enough, so you can easily recognize the icons, and transparent, so you don’t have problems using the map.

    normal active multi

    A petal marks a place of interest. It clearly points to a location and doesn’t get in the way.

    For more detailed information or tracing the route, you should open a pop-up menu by clicking on the petal.

    On the map several petals get folded together. When you click, they unfold into a nice fan.

    Search settings allow you to select the area in which you wish to find the marked objects—for example, only close to your current location or the final destination.

    Buttons conveniently made part of the illustration that explains their meaning

    If you discover a good restaurant or get stopped by road police somewhere, you can immediately save and and share this useful information with your friends.

    poi add simple
    Add an item


    Many pages feature status bar—you can see how the system is doing and what modes are currently active.

    status bar
    Selected icon considerately magnified


    The satellite info page displays available satellites and signal strength for each of them. Currently used signal sources are marked with different colors depending on reception quality, and the length of the band shows how strong the signal is.

    02 satellite
    Satellites, GPS coordinates, and main menu buttons


    There are dozens of options to configure your device and the system, conveniently grouped according to purpose.

    00 main
    Groups of settings

    Main options are displayed below the parent group button.

    device settings
    Main options, such as date/time, display, map, and sound, are at the top level, easy to access
    sound settings
    Sound options inside for manual precision

    Release date: March 18 2010


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