Silver housing development façade patterns

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to create beautiful patterns for façades.

The area between VDNKh and the Botanical Garden is popular among Moscovites for a number of reasons. First, it offers a lot to see: the world’s largest exhibition complex alone is worth spending hours and hours exploring. Second, the area is located close to the city center making it easy for the residents to get to work and back. The nearby Moscow Botanical Garden and Kapustinsky pond are there to improve the mood.

It is here, on Serebryakov Passage, that Silver housing development is located, quite unlike the traditional high-rise buildings with its non-standard architecture and bright exterior tile. Art. Lebedev Studio helped the buildings stand out even more by designing patterns for the façades.

At our disposal we had the color scheme used by the developer to paint the tiles and a single color to express our creativity with, gray. But it is widely known that strict limitations yield the best results, which is why we let our fantasy flow and got started. As a result, fanciful patterns inspired by ginkgo, pitaya, arrowhead, pear, orchid and seaweed were born.

The beautiful ornaments of each pattern are designed to be invisible at first glance. The viewer sees the beauty, starts to look closer and gradually discovers more and more interesting details.

Each pattern has its own color (except for gray, of course). At the same time, cold colors are purposefully alternated with warm ones on façades: Kentucky blue pears interchange with yellow arrowhead, next comes seaweed in its natural marshy colors.

Placed on the façade in several fragments without visible joins, the patterns form an elegant exoskeleton of the building taking into account the locations of all technological openings. Completing the picture are panel drawings made by laser cutting that allow to render any ornaments in metal.

The image of each building is completed by a three meter high attic with fern motifs towering above the sculptured cornice. Any resident or passerby can say with certainty that there is nothing quite like that within several blocks. Or in the whole city even.

artistic director

art director

author of the idea

  • Sergei Tchoban


technical designers

project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank architect Sergei Tchoban and SPEECH architectural office for their help with the project