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to create templates for a wholesale online store.

Sima-Land online store offers souvenirs, toys, tableware, sundries, decorations and other everyday items. The store is most often used by buyers, small store owners and employees of companies in charge of purchasing stationery. Sima-Land offers both retail and wholesale shipments. To allow buyers and sellers to easily manage the huge selection of products, an online store with many useful features was created for the company.

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Products on the main page are arranged in categories and themed sets

Careful attention was given to the shopping cart. It can hold hundreds of items and can be accessed by several employees in charge of purchasing. Orders can be placed regularly and if the product range changes while they are being prepared, the customers will be offered alternatives.

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Shopping cart

Customers who are only interested in one product category—for example, everything for a gift store—can create lists of favorites. These lists can hold individual items, entire categories or search results. The lists are automatically updated when the stock changes and the clients are informed about current promotions and discounts.

simaland favorites

Adding the Stationery section to favorites

New features of the website are presented on a special promo page with instructions.

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Changes for the best