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Task: to create a website showcasing the progress of construction.
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SKA Arena is a modern hockey stadium in Saint Petersburg that is being built for the Ice Hockey World Championship 2023. The website designed at the studio both informs people about progress of the project and helps generate interest in the new venue.

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The News section shows construction with the help of unbiased statistics. Every week, new photos are added to the slider in the background: this demonstrates progress and maintains a living history of the work.

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All important facts about SKA Arena are presented in the form of short stories with photos and visualizations.

The park around the complex is yet to be developed, but already readers can learn all about it from the website.

Top Russian and international hockey figures share their opinions on the future of the new venue.

Timelapse videos give a retrospective look at the project to get a sense of its scale and speed of construction.

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