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  • Smena fitness centers corporate identity

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to design a corporate identity for a chain of fitness centers.

    Smena is a chain of fitness centers which stands for being approachable and affordable for everyone. In our studio we’ve prepared a corporate identity and a logo for the company.

    smena identity logo
    An I-beam muscled into a C-shape is a solid core for the corporate identity

    Release date: April 28 2012


    artistic director
    art director
    type designer
    secret advisor
    project manager
    smena identity logo black
    The horizontal and vertical versions of the black and white logo

    smena identity cards and cups
    Smena’s defined and ripped business card is a strong statement
    A glass of water between sessions is a bliss

    smena identity bench
    Cool cooling down

    Smena’s outdoor advertising.

    smena identity billboards

    The main chart mapping different club zones, a brief description for each, class details and targeted results.

    smena identity navigation
    Any first-timer can work out the structure and schedule of the athletic club

    An optical illusion greets visitors at the door and sets the mood for a positive workout

    For even easier navigation inside the center, all doors are marked with special pictograms.

    smena identity pictograms
    smena identity timetable
    The schedule leaves no room for guessing on what is when

    smena identity signage
    The sign at the entrance sets the tone
    Corporate balloons are quite uplifting
    smena identity air balloon

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