Making of Soglasie insurance company website

Overview   Process   Award  

Starting with the design concept.

soglasie process 01

Coming up with an idea: after registering, the home page adapts to your needs and turns into a personal account.

soglasie process 02

This direction is approved by the client. We begin to design.

soglasie process 03

Bringing design concept into full compliance with technical specifications. At the same time, trying to simplify it.

soglasie process 04

That’s not it. Going back to the initial concept.

soglasie process 05

Working on the insurance product page.

soglasie process 06

Designing the core pages.

soglasie process 07

Starting to work on icons and pictures for different sections of the site.

soglasie process 08

Company facts illustrated.

soglasie process 09

Order a design...