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    The making of Sokr for iPhone

    Overview   Process  

    Making first drafts.

    sokr app process 01

    Art director: Overall, good. Only Sokr’s traditional color is violet.

    Changing the color, drawing sketches and an application map.

    sokr app process 02

    It comes out too brutal.

    Art director: It’s all good, except for the exceedingly strong accent on the website address. The link has to be more reserved. It’s a dictionary, not yellow pages.

    Starting to draw each screen in detail.

    sokr app process 03

    Art director: Make sure the abbreviation cards have holes in them, like in library indices and like we have on the website.

    sokr app process 04

    Drawing a full map with the new design.

    sokr app process 05

    Fixing bugs.

    sokr app process 06
    sokr app process 07
    sokr app process 08

    Developing app design for different iPhone models: 4/4S and 5.

    sokr app process 09

    Redrawing all icons and making changes to the final build.

    sokr app process 10

    Order a design...