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Fifth version of Sokr.Ru

Problem: Redesign the site, rewrite the database, improve the search tool, update the editing interface.

Sokr.Ru is the most complete dictionary of Russian abbreviations, acronyms and compound words (approx. 110000 words).

Fifth version front page

Sokr.Ru is a great help for everyone—people come across unfamiliar abbreviations all the time.

Redesigned search tool

Visitors to Sokr.Ru contribute to the dictionary. Editors keep a constant eye on any updates and entries, organize new and outdated words. Wherever possible, Sokr provides dates, sources, usage examples, synonyms and other helpful information.

Now each word has a page of its own

The dictionary includes name acronyms for various government authorities and organizations, companies, schools and universities, military, technical and medical terms, abbreviated personal names, tattoo wordings, folk words, colloquial abbreviations, etc.

Release date: June 24 2009


idea, design and compilation
editor & manager

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