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    [The work is in the museum]

    Spezial-Electronic is Europe’s leading distributor of electronic components.

    The site presents a complete (it is huge!) catalog of all the products Spezial-Electronic brings to the Russian market. It took us three months (24/7) to put everything together.

    Main page features an illustration by Roma Voronezhsky—electronics components chased by a gigantic red-hot soldering iron

    Visitors to the site can find goods by code numbers, industry, producers or type, learn more technical details and place an order or a request for a trial sample and technical papers. There is a section called Electronic News, which is the name of the magazine published by Spezial-Electronic, that comprises articles therefrom.

    Release date: April 08 2000


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Roma Voronezhsky
    Serzh Zolotukhin
    database compilers
    Aleksandr Petrosyan
    Serzh Zolotukhin
    Dima Roschin
    Konstantin Morshnev
    Aleksandr Petrosyan
    Tanya Grigoreva
    Aleksey Chekanov
    Katerina Makarova
    Olga Kulikova

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