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Stary Melnik New Year 2004 Gifts website

[The work is in the museum]

Stary Melnik’s New Year’s website is vaguely reminiscent of a kids’ New Year party: it also abounds in carols, contests, home-made presents and dances around the New Year’s tree.

Guess the code

At the main page you can roll the drums to get the right four-digit code and receive a New Year’s karaoke song as a gift. After that, you can participate in a drawing contest by painting Santa Claus and submitting him to the public jury. To keep the festive mood going, you may as well decorate your desktop with New Year wallpaper and send New Year’s greetings to your friends. If after all this you still have the strength left to drink a glass of beer to the chime of bells and take some pictures (remember that the bells chime twelve times at midnight), you can submit the best photos to the contest. The winners will be presented with gifts from Stary Melnik.

To design Your Holiday section, we used the photos from the Studio’s own archive

In the course of preparing the New Year’s set, the Studio designers rethought the image of Santa Claus and devised a new hero—Old Miller (Stary Melnik).

Desktop wallpaper

Release date: December 30 2003


Santa Claus
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